The Grass Guys Complete Lawn Care LLC.

Not your average mow, blow and go lawn care company. Whether you have a Residential or Commercial property I take the time to give your property the quality and manicured service it deserves! Our service areas are Evansville, Haubstadt, Fort Branch, and Princeton, Indiana.

Lawn Care company The Grass Guys Complete Lawn Care LLC. in Evansville, IN
Lawn Care company The Grass Guys Complete Lawn Care LLC. in Evansville, IN
Lawn Care company The Grass Guys Complete Lawn Care LLC. in Evansville, IN

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My name is Matt Hitchcock; I own and operate The Grass Guys Complete Lawn Care, LLC. At the age of 15, I came to my Dad asking if I could be a bagger at a local grocery store. My Dad owned and operated a Dog Grooming business since before I was born. Dad said instead of working at the grocery store, why don't you start a mowing business? I thought sure why not I love working outside and I enjoy dealing with people. We sat down that night and The Grass Guys were born. The Grass Guys is a fully insured locally owned and operated company that I started in the spring of 2000. I provide a personal touch with all of my clients which is a rare commodity in the business world today. I have openings for weekly lawn care maintenance, one-time cuts, and or vacation cuts.

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    Easy to follow and transparent pricing. Work quickly but do a good job. Had a great experience!

    Heath Anthony Evansville, IN
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    Matt and his team are the best. Yard has never looked better

    Happy Facebook Customer Home Owner
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    good honest pricing and hardworking guys

    Happy Facebook Customer Home Owner

Frequently asked questions

PO Box 584 Princeton, IN 47670.

The best way to get a quote is to text Matt at 812-760-5706. If it is easier, though, you can drop us an email at

The equipment I prefer to use for all of our properties is Walker. Walker is proudly manufactured in Fort Collins, CO. In 2007, I started using Walkers because I believed Walkers would be the perfect fit for our high standards at The Grass Guys. Unlike other zero turns with Walkers, we can choose the style of the deck (Collection, Mulch, or Side-Discharge), and the size of the deck for us can range from 42" up to 62" just by changing out the deck. This allows us to have what your property needs to get the manicured cut it deserves every service.

We use a collection deck combined with the GHS system to give you an unmatched superior quality of cut. The GHS system uses a powerful blower that vacuums up the grass clippings.

Mulch decks have a four-stacked blade designed to achieve superior cut quality while minimizing visible clippings. During our mowing season towards the end of July, we like to switch from using our collection decks to using our mulch decks. Instead of removing the clippings from the soil, they are cut into fine pieces that fall easily to the soil surface. There they can be rapidly broken down by soil microorganisms, which release nutrients from the mulched clippings back into the soil.

Side Discharge decks have a three-blade gear-driven design that allows them to achieve superior cut quality on either finished turf or rough terrain. On our Side Discharge decks, we use the Power Chute system to block the chute when mowing in and around flower/mulch beds to keep grass clippings from blowing onto the mulch.

Service Areas

Proudly Serving Evansville, Haubstadt, Ft. Branch, Princeton & Surrounding Areas

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